Transform Learning Standards into Outlines for Differentiation

Transform Learning Standards into Outlines for Differentiation

If you’re using differentiation in the classroom, how do you organize your students? The purpose of differentiation is to keep students engaged! Kids that are engaged learn more, learn faster, and feel better about them selves. When content is too easy or too hard,...


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Proficiency Scales

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Do you feel like Proficiency Scales may be more work than they're worth?

New things can often feel harder because there is so much to think through. You may be asking yourself; Where do I find scales? What kind of scales do I need? Where will I store them? When will my students see them? How will they be included in my planning and assessment? How will I hsare them with parents?

This QUICK 3-page checklist will help you to organize yourself and your classroom to make sure that your scales work for YOU!

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