Are you often drawn toward self- improvement goals? I have probably read 50 books on psychology, spirituality, sociology, religion, teaching pedagogy, and motivational guides. As a teacher, personal and professional development has always been a huge part of my life. With all the information out there, I was still feeling like it just went in one ear and out the other. Why is it that we continually make goals, for ourselves and our students, but can’t guarantee success? I found some new answers to that question that I want to share with you. We aren’t making brain-based goals.

STOP making Goals. Learn how your BRAIN works.

I have always seen myself as an over-achiever and I like to push myself to accomplish things. In the last few years this habit of pushing began wreaking consequences on my health. I’ve struggled with fatigue, low thyroid, difficulty concentrating, stuck in a weight plateau, erratic sleep, and felt my patience with my kids waning. I had started taking thyroid supplements between my second and third pregnancies, and changed my diet, but I still wasn’t feeling healthy or energetic enough to do everything I wanted. This of course brought on even more stress which made things worse. Pushing myself wasn’t working anymore and I wanted some new strategies.

I wanted to feel that I could balance my work goals, family relationships (I have three young children), and health successfully. I always felt like there was so much to do, but wasn’t even sure it was all necessary. I was questioning what I really wanted in my life. I didn’t want to make any more goals until I found some clarity.

I came across something really unique this summer. Jim Fortin runs a new course called the Transformational Coaching Program.  I watched his webinar for over an hour and was completely fascinated by what he presented. I decided to enroll. Here are some of my biggest take-a-ways from this experience:

  1. HABITS run 95% of what we do. Good, bad, or indifferent.

    We have to learn how to identify what is working for and against us, and reprogram ourselves to behave differently! Jim teaches a concept called the “theory of constraint.” Kind of like the weakest link idea, you’re only as good as your worst habit. If there’s one thing that keeps sabotaging your efforts, then you’ll keep failing. You have to correct the one habit that will make the biggest impact on your life. You can also teach your brain how to make new habits automatic. There’s three different strategies for reprogramming your brain, and it’s all research based. AMAZING!!!

  2. Your habits aren’t YOU

    The part of your brain that develops habits is not connected to the prefrontal cortex which controls rational, conscious thinking. Habits are subconscious. Try as you might, there’s no way to argue them into changing. You have to take a different approach. This ONE idea totally relieved all the years of guilt and self-deprecation I’d put myself through because I just couldn’t change some of my behaviors with will power.

  3. Thoughts are ENERGY. This energy creates our experience of life.

    I had NO idea how much thought energy I spent on being anxious, frustrated, critical of myself, or worried about the “what ifs.” I totally learned to focus my mind intentionally on the beautiful vision of life that I wanted, instead of the scary one I was trying to avoid.

My Personal Brain-based Goals

All in all, I have experienced more peace of mind in the last few months than I have since I started working from home five years ago. The constant demands I put on myself are now minimized, focused, prioritized, and scheduled!!!  The constant mental energy I spent worrying about everything I should or could be doing has been dramatically decreased. I have definite hours for working, errands, child care, exercise, healthy food prep, and undistracted family time. I have learned to not be so hard on myself for everything. I don’t take things so personally when they go wrong, I don’t blame and judge myself (or anyone else) and I have increased the amount of trust and peace I put out into the world. My thyroid meds have been lowered. Eating healthy seems easier and more possible. Work seems more manageable. I bite my nails less, and I started losing weight after a two-year plateau. Yeah! My husband even noticed that I’m complaining less about “all the things I have to do.”  This transformation wasn’t an overnight miracle, but an ongoing benefit of practicing the skills and perspective that Jim teaches in the Transformational Coaching Program. This course opens again Sept 11-16th, 2018.

Brain-based goals are working much better for me than forcing myself to do things. There’s so much more I could tell you about this program, but Jim explains the concepts better. If any of this resonates with you, please take some time to watch this YouTube presentation. It really is unique and I haven’t come across anyone who teaches the same things in a research-based way. I am so grateful I found this course, and am especially grateful for the supportive people I’ve met through his Facebook group.

Is your BIGGEST GOAL personal or professional? How would your life change if you accomplished it? How long have you been trying to accomplish it without success? Take a few minutes for yourself, to watch this video and consider the possibilities!

Best of luck to you this next school year! May all of your goals meet success!

I have never before recommended any programs or products (besides my own) but I am really happy to share this one! If you end up signing up, please tell Jim I said “Hi.”

Melanie LiCausi

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