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Leveled Assessments for Reading Information, Grades 3-8

Video tutorials for Writing and Teaching content with Scales

8th Grade Math Bundle with Proficiency Scales

6th Grade ELA Posters with Learning Goals and Scales - EDITABLE

4th Grade Math Assessment with Learning Goals & Scales

“These scaled assessments are great! I love that the questions show a progression of skills so I can see where students may be struggling, and it also gives the kids the opportunity to see that they can do something, even if they’re not quite “on level” yet. Thanks.” – Robert R.
December 1, 2018

5th Grade ELA Posters with Learning Goals and Scales

“Saving my sanity every week!” – Miss Beasley’s Bookworms (TPT Seller)
November 26, 2018

2nd Grade Math Assessment with Marzano Scales

“THIS HAS BEEN A LIFESAVER! Thanks for offering exactly what I was looking for. I was already to make it and wha-la there it is. Perfect! Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate it so much. I am a follower now!” – Beth Marlatt
November 30, 2018

5th Grade ELA Assessment Reading Literature RL with Proficiency Scales

“I am so grateful for this resource! It makes transitioning to standards based grading so much easier!! Thank you for your incredibly hard work!” – Katt F. November 26, 2018

3rd Grade Math Bilingual Proficiency Scales - English & Spanish

This is a perfect resource for my dual language classroom, especially since my students can rate themselves as we work through each skill.”  Socorro F. December 2, 2018

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As Proficiency Scales become the NEW way to teach, more and more schools are looking for experienced teachers to share what works. Melanie has presented at multiple conferences to walk teachers through the process of creating, presenting, organizing, and assessing learning objectives with scales. SIGN UP to receive a free GUIDE to SCALES, and updates on conferences, professional development offerings, and classroom ideas!

Meet Melanie LiCausi

Melanie is the original creator of Leveled Assessments for Math and ELA.  Leveled Assessments take Marzano’s research to a whole new LEVEL, by adding clear and objective tasks to proficiency scales. Melanie’s experience with differentiation comes from twelve years in the classroom teaching first grade, second grade, middle school math, and several years of Gifted Resource in a multi-age classroom for grades 3-5.  She has mastered the art of aligning content at multiple grade levels to give students a smooth and defined path for progress. 

LEARN to Do This! 


Learning to create scales was a PAINFUL reminder of what my students often feel… tossed into content they didn’t choose… expected to master things they are still clueless about… feeling all of the uncertainty and intimidation that goes along with learning something new! I have heard from countless teachers who are struggling through the same process. Having resources already done for them is AMAZING! But, learning to teach scales and modify their own assessments will be ESSENTIAL as modern education moves towards differentiated instruction. That’s why I am working on a UNIQUE and EXCITING new online course that will actually TEACH TEACHERS my simple streamlined process for creating scales and assessments. I have spent the last 7 years writing Proficiency Scales and Leveled Assessments for grades 1st-8th. I can tell you that the same process applies to every subject and grade level. Creating scales is an investment in PLANNING, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Once you learn how to USE them in your classroom, you will see how it can completely transform the learning experience for you and your students.  If you’re interested in learning to CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELED LEARNING GOALS AND ASSESSMENTS twice as fast, please sign up to follow me by email to get all the details this fall. 


Watch this video for a quick introduction to how I teach scales for pre-assessment!



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ELA Leveled Assessments for Reading Literature & Information

ELA Leveled Assessments for Reading Literature & Information

I always LOVED finding stories that were rich in description, meaning, and potential for discussion. You are going to love all the assessments (4 levels!!!) that come with these stories. Differentiation becomes so much easier when it’s all done and planned for you. The BEST part?! There is ZERO wasted class time with these assessments because every single leveled quiz page is directly aligned to a learning standard.

Grading Proficiency Scales with Percentages

Grading Proficiency Scales with Percentages

Confused by Grading Proficiency Scales?   Grading with proficiency scales doesn't have to be confusing, if you know what each level MEANS.    Many school districts have switched to using proficiency scales for grading. Proficiency Scales became mandatory in...

Brain-Based Goals

Brain-Based Goals

Are you often drawn toward self- improvement goals? I have probably read 50 books on psychology, spirituality, sociology, religion, teaching pedagogy, and motivational guides. As a teacher, personal and professional development has always been a huge part of my life....


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