Do you struggle to get your students into nonfiction writing? It may seem like more work for kids because there’s often some research involved. Luckily, nonfiction has some very specific structures and text features that make it easy to imitate. Recipes are one of those informational forms that is very specific and easy to recognize. Your students will get to explore the importance of descriptive titles, step by step instructions, appealing images, and accurate descriptions. I even include 4 sets of directions for differentiating the activity to the levels of a proficiency scale. This Holiday Recipe writing activity is one of my favorites because it is FUN and relies directly to the writing nonfiction standards. Read on to get a link to a free Holiday Writing Activity Template that includes ready to print directions! No Prep Required!!

Here are a few examples of the standards that this project might align to. I LOVE fun projects, but refuse to waste class time on anything that isn’t standards-based!

The templates below show sides 1 and 2 of the assignment. You could opt to have students just complete the recipe side. I like to integrate multiple skills into every project, so I assign the second page for even more writing practice! The topic is high-interest because hey, everyone loves food! Especially holiday treats! AND my students have the chance to delve into a topic that’s personal for them. They learn a lot about each other by being able to share family holiday traditions. If you’re already sold, click HERE to download this free Holiday Writing Activity Template.

A template is only useful if you have directions to go with it! And these directions are not only student and parent friendly, but LEVELED for differentiation. If you use a 4-point proficiency scale, or standards based instruction, you can easily align these levels to your own grading system. Click HERE to download this free Holiday Writing Activity Template.

Grab my free Holiday Recipe Nonfiction Writing Activity!

If you give this a try, leave a comment below. I love to hear about students getting excited to learn!

We do A LOT of baking at my house in December. Just today we had our cookie-baking marathon for our annual Christmas Cookie gift boxes. A few years ago my husband and I started putting these together for our closest friends and family as a way to share something warm with everyone on a modest budget. The time and love that goes into these boxes far exceeds their cash value! Our three year old (2014) loves to cook, and wanted to help as much as possible. He also understands, as every clever little preschooler does, that the longer you hang around the treats, the more likely you are to get some! The downloadable template pages includes this recipe from our own family tradition. I LOVE spreading holiday JOY!

All the best to you and your family…


Whatever your tradition, have a blessed Holiday Season! 

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