First of all, Thank you for the feedback! If you follow my work on, or have personally contacted me about my work, then you already know that I take your suggestions seriously! I try to make revisions or meet requests as often as possible. Based on some feedback I have made some revisions to all of the Marzano Scales Posters for Math and ELA. If you’ve already purchased them, then be sure to download the revised .pdf file from your “My Purchases” page on TpT. If you haven’t purchased them yet, then here’s what you can expect…

Each set of Posters contains a complete set of scales aligned to all of the Common Core standards for each subject. That means every domain of Math for that grade level, as well as every domain of English Language Arts including Reading Literature (RL), Reading Informational Text (RI), Reading Foundational Skills (RF), Writing (W), Speaking and Listening (SL), and Language (L) all bundled together. The ELA sets also include the 6-Traits +1 of Writing (W) because my district as well as many others assess student work in this way. You may find it helpful to have. Most States’ Standards are aligned to Common Core even if they are named something else, such as “College and Career Readiness..etc. “. If you’re not sure if your State’s standard’s align to the original Common Core document, check this website, Standards in Your State. The U.S. map will give you a quick visual.

Every set of posters comes with a color version and a black and white copy for easier and cheaper printing. The resolution of the posters are best printed at a standard 8.5 x 11 inch size, but can be shrunk or enlarged for classroom presentations, parent newsletters, or student hand-outs.

3G Poster Editing in pdf


If you’re anything like me, you like to revise things to suit your own classroom. While the text I wrote is protected under copyright, the poster graphics are included in a blank text form with editable form fields so you can write your own and have them formatted in a smilier way to the other posters in the set. Every domain has it’s own color and black and white editable poster pages in the pdf file.


In your (SECURED) pdf file, select the box that says “Highlight Existing Fields.” You will see some light blue boxes like the ones above. Just click inside the box and begin typing. The image shows what the blank  posters for third grade Geometry look like. Notice that “TEXT29” repeats itself in each form. What this means is that you will be able to write your own coding, scales, or revised standards for your State and it will copy itself onto the black and white version as well. This should save you a bit of time and prevent errors if you’re trying to use both forms.

Each box has a specific formatting saved so you don’t have to worry about making the fonts match, etc. The posters you create yourself will look like this…

3rd Math LG-S Posters PREVIEW page 7 revisions_Page_07

YES, you can save your rewrites! Just SAVE AS under a different name and your computer should create a second pdf. The original (SECURED) .pdf file should remain unchanged.

If you find that you need to write your own Marzano Scales, you may be interested in my future blog series: Mrs. L’s Guide to Marzano Scales: Making Research Practical. This blog series will also be available in a .pdf document version for free! Just sign up to receive the link under “FOLLOW by EMAIL” in the menu bar to the right. This document covers all of the questions and challenges I’ve had or been asked while creating and implementing Marzano Scales.

Hope to see you next week for an in-depth how-to Write Your Own Marzano Scales!

Mrs L Signature

Thank you to Samantha M. for this comment on TpT:
“Thank you so much for creating this product. I wish I had started using this in September. My district uses the Marzano Framework and this has helped me immensely with tracking my students’ learning as well as helping my students understand the scales.”
November 11, 2014

Poster Editing for 3G Color

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