Imagine how much you could do for your students with unlimited funds…

Sound good? Did you know that you can get money to buy classroom resources on TpT? How much of your own money have you spent over the years? If you’re like most teachers, it’s probably hundreds.  Of course it wasn’t going to stop you from spending on the things you really wanted… ready-made centers, engaging games, some comfy reading corner décor for example. Well, this doesn’t have to be your only option anymore! has TWO different ways to get funding for your TpT Wishlist, and I want to make sure you know about them.

  1. TpT for Schools

This program has been in place for a while now, and many teachers are benefiting from it. Your school administrator can choose to enroll your school with a TpT School account. You request specific materials that you’d like. Your administrator can see and approve your request, and purchase a license for you! Easy and Awesome!!!


2.TpT Class Fund

This second program is so new that I’m still learning about it! With TpT Funds you are able to elicit financial support from friends, family, parents, teacher sympathizers… basically anyone who wants to donate to your classroom. TpT secures the funds and notifies you of how much you have raised. Then you are able to purchase whatever you need from No approval needed.


Both of these options are great opportunities to potentially save yourself some cash and still get what you need! The links above will give you all the details. Ideally, all you would have to do is choose one, but we know there’s going to be a little work of CONVINCING to do.

To help you be prepared to approach your administrator, I’ve put together a “recommendation” letter for Leveled Assessments and Proficiency Scales. If your school uses proficiency scales or Marzano’s framework, then this flyer will…

  1. Explain the structure and purpose of proficiency scales.
  2. Cite the most compelling research in support of scales.
  3. Make an appeal to have materials ready made for you, instead of having to make them yourself.
  4. Briefly introduce my credentials and work to your administrator.
  5. Highlight some of the benefits of using scales and assessments to plan differentiation and improve student growth.
  6. Flood them with amazing reviews and teacher feedback! Not just statements like, “Thanks for a great product.” But recommendations with substance like, “These resources changed the way I teach!” or “I got an INNOVATING score on my Evaluation this year!!!” – YES!!! That’s what I’m talking about! ;D

Follow THIS LINK to download a sales letter to present to your administrator, and then download some of the FREE sample pages to show them what’s included. It may be just the push they need to feel secure about spending school money on your behalf.


If your school is new to Proficiency Scales, and your admin needs a little extra convincing, SUBSCRIBE to my website at www.mrslsleveledlearning.comand you’ll immediately get a copy of “Mrs. L’s Guide to Marzano Scales”, a comprehensive 30-page document with facts like this; In 2009, Marzano and Haystead found that implementing Proficiency scales, and tracking student progress can improve student test scores by 34 percentiles! Wouldn’t we all try a method that promised that much improvement???


If you’re very confident working your social network, then maybe TpT Funds will be the thing that works for you. Download THIS LINK anyway, and maybe you’ll find some good talking points to convince your audience that your classroom NEEDS these resources yesterday!


Feel free to email me with more questions or suggestions. I’m sure there’s good ideas I haven’t thought of, and I’d love to hear from you!


I wish you THE BEST this year, and know that you DESERVE all the support you can get! Professionally, socially, emotionally, FINANCIALLY!!! So don’t be afraid to ASK FOR IT!

Best of Luck,

Melanie LiCausi 

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