Classroom Art and Science Activity for Halloween

Classroom Art and Science Activity for Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time to do special projects in your classroom. I am not one for wasting classroom time. I LOVE to find hands-on activities that integrate curriculum content! This idea combines the physical science concepts of light and shadows, with and an...

Standards Based Learning with a Flipped Classroom

Classroom time always feels too short to do everything we know we’re supposed to do! Connect to students’ prior knowledge, scaffold learning, repeat vocabulary, give multiple opportunities for practice, give students think time, engage with manipulatives, and of...

Inclusion – The Goal of Proficiency Scales

What’s the most important reason to use proficiency scales? One word. INCLUSION. The goal of proficiency scales is not to be one more complicated thing on your to-do list, but to accommodate your students at ALL LEVELS at the same time. Four Levels of...

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