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ELA Leveled Assessments for Reading Literature & Information

ELA Leveled Assessments for Reading Literature & Information

I always LOVED finding stories that were rich in description, meaning, and potential for discussion. You are going to love all the assessments (4 levels!!!) that come with these stories. Differentiation becomes so much easier when it’s all done and planned for you. The BEST part?! There is ZERO wasted class time with these assessments because every single leveled quiz page is directly aligned to a learning standard.

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Transform Learning Standards into Outlines for Differentiation

Transform Learning Standards into Outlines for Differentiation

If you’re using differentiation in the classroom, how do you organize your students? The purpose of differentiation is to keep students engaged! Kids that are engaged learn more, learn faster, and feel better about them selves. When content is too easy or too hard,...

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Assessment that Saves Classroom Time

Assessment that Saves Classroom Time

Do you feel like WAY too much of your classroom time is spent completing standardized assessments? What if it were possible to develop an assessment that saves classroom time instead? Seriously! Read on to see the simple two-page leveled assessments that I’ve used to...

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