I am SO excited to finally be able to bring you these very thorough and engaging resources. ELA Leveled Assessments for Reading Literature and Information which use REAL LITERATURE from a variety of sources and text structures.  Your students will have a real opportunity to delve deeply into Language Arts. I always LOVED finding stories that were rich in description, meaning, and potential for discussion. You are going to love all the assessments (4 levels!!!) that come with these stories. Differentiation becomes so much easier when it’s all done and planned for you. Imagine all the ways you can use them in your elementary or middle school classroom… pre-tests, post-tests, quizzes, homework, discussion, small group work, whole group instruction or individual assessment. Every single story is used multiple times, giving your students many opportunities to show growth in comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, analysis, and making inferences.

The BEST part?! There is ZERO wasted class time with these assessments because every single leveled quiz page is directly aligned to a learning standard. You can quiz them in order or pick and choose what levels to work on. The Table of Contents will help you align them.

I was so hesitant to put these out, and some of you have been asking for years! I wanted to create a product that used HIGH QUALITY literature and really thoughtful questioning that’s versatile enough for differentiation.

I’m going to show you how the reading and information assessments work. You can follow the links below to download previews if you’d like to follow along! 

Most of the people who benefit from these kinds of products have to differentiate in their classroom in a specific weight. So my products were originally made for the Marzano framework of using proficiency scales, scales included with most of them. So you can see this example here, eighth grade reading literature, first and second standard. Every learning goal or standard is broken down into four levels of difficulty. This helps you to pre-assess your student’s starting place, plan for your instruction, and then post assess their progress and growth. Um, which is really great. A lot of schools require it, whether you have to do it or not, you still might benefit from the differentiation embedded in these resources. But let’s take a closer look and see what you think. So for reading literature and reading nonfiction information, all the components work the same. You’re going to be able to download a table of contents, which shows you everything that’s included in the preview.

If you think about a scale being divided into four levels of difficulty, the assessment has four different pages differentiated to match those levels of difficulty. A level three is always going to be at grade level. Level two and one are below. Often level two includes your vocabulary. Level one includes some of your special needs students or students who need special support. Level four students are your advanced students who you want to challenge. You will have four different levels of assessments for each standard. And there’s different ways that you can use these. Watch the video to see how they’re different. Each level will give you slightly different information to plan instruction and accelerate student growth!

I welcome any feedback for improvements on TpT or comment below.

I’ve gotten great feedback so far and I’d love to see how you’re using these in your classroom! Feel free to post a picture on my Facebook page or Facebook discussion group! (Differentiation with Proficiency Scales)

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I look forward to seeing you around! 😉

ELA RL and RI Leveled Assessments for Grades 3-6

Follow the link for the Grade Level you need.

3rd Grade ELA Assessment               4th Grade ELA Assessment 

5th Grade ELA Assessment               6th Grade ELA Assessment

7th Grade ELA Assessment               8th Grade ELA Assessment

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