The last FREE Common Core Math Quiz domains are Measurement and Statistics for grades 3-8. These are meant to be used a quick-check, because there is only one quiz question per standard. The quiz question and number aligns with the learning goal for that standard, which is also posted at the top of each section. This is the last Domain to be published in the same documents as the previous domains, so you're really getting all of the domains for free this week! The links will expire by Feb 10th. I will be adding an answer key, and polishing it up as a paid product after that.

Please see below to download your grade level Quiz! (3-8)
Congratulations to Jennifer Brown, the Raffle Winner from Week 4!!!


That concludes our Raffle marathon for now, but I will have a special sale running in my store this Thursday – Saturday, February 5-7, during the Arizona Association of Gifted and Talented Conference. 
All Assessments with Learning Goals and Scales will be $20! Posters will be $5!

                      3rd Grade Quiz                     4th Grade Quiz
                      5th Grade Quiz                     6th Grade Quiz
                      7th Grade Quiz                     8th Grade Quiz


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