Linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! This week's FREE Common Core Math Quiz domains are Number and Operations in Base Ten for grades 3-5, and The Number System for grades 6-8. They will be added onto last week's domains in the same document.

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This last week I took my kids to visit the Science Center and it really got me thinking about Common Core Math. It is controversial; some people like the rigor, some people think it's developmentally inappropriate, and some of us just have to teach it. I found myself thinking about the types of word problems that people associate with Common Core Math, and I thought of a few of my own real-world problems. For instance…

My 16 month-old daughter decided to pop the nipple off of her formula bottle and drench herself on the way there. Of course I had no extra outfits in the diaper bag, but this question came to mind…
If a pair of saturated 18 month-old cotton pants are put under an Xlerator hand dryer, how many minutes for each square inch of fabric am I going to have to stand here drying them?

If a 3 1/2 yr. old who is still potty-training downs a 20 oz bottle of water in one go, what will be the rate of potty-checks per hour that I have to conduct to avoid an 'accident'?

The volume of a sphere is equal to 

4/3 π

If the radius of a ping pong ball is about 1 cm, how many ping pong balls can a toddler fit in her mouth?

And finally; if every five-minute warning given decreases the duration of whining by about thirty seconds, then how many times will I need to give a warning in order to hear no crying when it's finally time to leave?

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Click on the links below for this week's Common Core Domains  NBT and NS!

Each Quiz is one two-sided page with one math problem for each Common Core standard for that domain. The number corresponds to the standard number. Each problem has the learning goal stated to help kids focus on the goal and make the connection between the quiz, and their work in the standards. If you don't use Common Core standards verbatim, they are still useable to assess the grade level skills. Check them out for yourself!

3rd Grade Quiz pdf file

 4th Grade Quiz pdf file 

 5th Grade Quiz pdf file

 6th Grade Quiz pdf file 

 7th Grade Quiz pdf file 

8th Grade Quiz pdf file 

If you find that your students struggle with content from earlier grade levels, consider introducing The Posters with Learning Goals and Scales, or the Assessments to help you quickly determine what level of instruction they need to advance.

See a quick VIDEO TUTORIAL to use these products more effectively. 

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