Have you ever had a really awesome resource that you just never got to use? In my classroom experience, I collected boxes of resources that stayed hidden from me most of the year because life takes over! Proficiency scales are one of those resources that need to have a visible home if they are going to make a difference for you and your students. Use the ideas below to make an easy plan to store and use your scales regularly!

The suggestions below are from my own experience. I have learned that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all procedure for teaching. We are all so different in the way we think, our background knowledge and experience, as well as our student demographics and school requirements. Feel free to make adjustments that work for you and stay true to the purpose of scales – giving kids access and ownership of their learning outcomes!

Tips for Organizing Scales

1. Create or Print Posters with Marzano Scales (I like the standard paper size, but you can enlarge them). Choose a place to store them such as a folder, binder, or stackable tray for each subject area.

2. Scan your room space and decide where you might post your scales posters. You can post multiple ones if needed, orfind different spaces for different subject areas. You may want a space to post the scales near activity centers. For example, if you have a math center you can rotate them. If you have a writing center you may want several on a bulletin board up all year. You may also want to print and keep copies of specific scales inside of activity folders for student reference. 

3. Keep a digital copy of your scales posters by shortcut on your desktop, or in a quick and easy place to find and pull up when you want to present them. Sort them by subject or domain into folders.

4. Create or print a hard copy of your differentiated list of students for each scale level. Keep these lists in an easy-to-access binder near your lesson planning materials, or perhaps a clipboard that you can refer to while you teach or conduct small group lessons. If you use Mrs. L’s digital excel spreadsheet you can print a blank copy for your clipboard.

5. Obtain Portfolio binders for each student (2-inch binders are good for both subjects). You want ones that open and close so you can take pages out and put them back easily. Write their names on the side and organize them into a bookcase or on top of a counter space where students can access them easily. Print the free Student Portfolio Pages and use them as binder dividers for Math or ELA content.

6. Print the Assessments with Marzano Scales (if you use Mrs. L’s formal assessments) for each student, and store the copies as a bunch in the student binders. Students will retrieve them for the pre-testing sessions. 

7. Consider your classroom routines, schedule, and lessons; visualize how and when you are going to fit these pieces into your routine. Post a reminder note to yourself until it becomes second nature. It will! Be patient with yourself! You are doing something amazing and revolutionary for your kids!

Thank You to Jodi K. for the following Comments on…

2nd Grade ELA Marzano Proficiency Scale Posters for Differentiation – Editable

“This is a great resource. I edited the slides with additional criteria for my students to use with formative assessments. This really aided in self-assessing and reflecting.” – June 2023

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