Is your school using the Marzano Framework, strategies, vocabulary, or iObservations for Teacher Evaluations? Are you required to use Learning Goals and Scales, but don’t know where to start? Let me share my own classroom experiences with you in this 30-page Guide to Marzano Scales. The ideas in this guide could save you months of agony!

Mrs. L’s Guide to Marzano Scales is here!

Mrs. L's Guide to Marzano ScalesI have received similar questions from many teachers who have purchased my products or have been curious about the process of using scales. I have tried to address individuals by email, feedback replies, or blog posts, but did not have a comprehensive set of directions until now. All of my best answers to the most common questions have been thoughtfully laid out for you in this guide. The “Table of Contents” shows the topics covered in the complete 31-page document. This guide gives a detailed step-by-step walk through my own process for writing and implementing scales in my multi-age classroom. It also addresses such issues as organization and time management. Whether you are being compelled to use scales by your district, deciding if you’ll use scales on your own, or trying to work through the challenges of implementation; you will find a plethora of specific ideas and solutions.

Mrs. L's Guide to Marzano Scales Table of Contents

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*This guide applies to the Math & ELA aligned to Common Core, as well as the Australian Math (ACARA) standards.

Thank you Kylie, for the kind comments regarding the Australian Year 3 Math Assessment:

“Dear Melanie,
I have never taken the time to thank anyone for the resources they have made before and although I have left positive feedback all over your pages as a buyer, I just wanted to personally thank you for changing the way I have taught this year.  I have a class in which the differentiation required has stretched me further that ever before in my fifteen years of teaching.  By pre-testing students, I have been able to determine the gaps in their learning and add value rather than just trying to teach the Grade 3 curriculum.  I have been on this year longer than any colleagues and have a feeling that there may be a change in the wind for me next year.  My biggest fear is not having a set of these tests to go in with!  In fact, I think towards the end of this term when we find out our grade level, I may resort to begging. ” 

Kind regards,
Kylie S.
(Grade 3 teacher – Australia)

THANK YOU for being a follower! I am busily working on finishing the requests that have come in. I appreciate your patience. A lot of time and research go into creating quality products that work for you and students!

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