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One thing I was always looking for as a classroom teacher; fun games! I discovered “Who Has” games while teaching gifted resource students, and I loved the fact that it could be used in large or small groups for a quick and engaging practice. The greatest thing about this game is that the whole group has to stay engaged in order to play. Here's how it works…

1. You have a deck of 30 cards for each set. Copy, laminate, and cut out all 30 cards.

2. Randomly distribute cards to students until all cards have been passed out. This card game makes a round back to the first person who begins, so it is important that all cards are sued and that there is only one of each card. If you’d like to make multiple copies for smaller groups, I recommend using different colored paper for each set so they aren’t mixed up.

3. Anyone in the room can begin the game since it makes a round. Choose one student to read their question card. “I have…”. “Who has…?” I like to place cards under a projector so the whole class can reread them as they’re read aloud.

4. The student with the answer, or next card reads it aloud. If they do not have the correct card, the teacher or the class can help them figure that out and return to their seat to wait for the right prompt.

5. The game is done when everyone has read their card and returned it to the front. The last student’s card should align with the first reader’s card. If it does, the game was done correctly!

Hint: You many want to set a timer once the children know how to play! Challenge them to increase their fluency the next time! 

So many of the math standards for elementary and middle school requires students to translate words into expressions and equations. I was reminded of this as I finished up the learning goals and scales for the 3rd Grade Common Core Math Assessment. It seems to be in every grade level but begins heavily in third. Translating words could mean simple phrases or word problems, either way students are practicing the same skill. I just finished making a Who Has game deck for Pre-Algebra Expressions that aligns to the Common Core standards in grades 3-8. How did I align it to all of those grades? There are two sets; one for Grades 3-5, and one for Grades 6-8. You are welcome to use both for review in middle school, or an extra challenge in the elementary grades!

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