Posters with Marzano Scales were created to present a specific scale in student-friendly language. Your class will understand what they are focusing on in each of their math standards, and be able to build up their skills from the prior knowledge listed in previous grade-level and lower level cognitive skills. (See examples below.) The posters are a great visual reference point for your students to have a daily reminder of what to focus on. They also help students to connect some prior knowledge to the new learning.

See more examples for the grade levels you choose by following the Freebies tab above. The links on that page will lead you to my store where you can download the FREE PREVIEW file of any resource you want to try.

2nd Grade Marzano Scales for Math POsters2nd CC Math Marzano Scales 2G1


ELA (English Language Arts) Posters aligned to the Common Core standards are coming soon. Below are some samples. You can find free samples to try in your classroom by visiting my STORE. Just search for your own grade level. The format of the ELA Posters with Marzano Scales will look the same as Math, but obviously the content will be different. For Math I used much more content aligned to previous grade levels and noted the standard codes whenever possible. The ELA scales do not have previous grade level standards cited for the simple reason that the ELA standards are much more gradually sequenced as far as skills and knowledge. For this reason I also leaned more on Marzano and Bloom’s taxonomy to break down skills in logical steps of mastery. For example, one of the cognitive skills listed a the very beginning level of Bloom’s or Marzano’s Taxonomy is “recall” which includes defining terms or concepts. This didn’t work well for me when I tested them with my math students because many of them who were visually-spatial thinkers, or nonverbally gifted could intuit math problems and processes before they ever knew the language to define it. In Reading and Language classes, giving students vocabulary first makes much more sense and worked more smoothly. You will see a lot more statements like “I can define…” or “I can identify…” for level 1 of the ELA scales.

Here are a few examples of scales for ELA.

4RL1 ELA Marzano Scales Poster

4RL4 ELA Marzano Scales Poster4RL7 ELA Marzano Scales Poster4RI10 ELA Marzano Scales Poster4RF3 ELA Marzano Scales Poster

Download the free samples from my TpT STORE to see if they’ll work in your room. If you decide you’d like a complete set for all standards, please click the “Follow Me” star in my TpT store, or sign up under “Follow by Email” in the menu bar to the right. You will receive an update as soon as your grade level Posters are completed.

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