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3 Hot Tips for Presenting Marzano Scales to Students

  Have you ever come across an amazing teaching idea, but you just couldn't get it organized enough to use it consistently? Maybe you used it but it didn't seem to bring you the results you were expecting? Maybe it was more complicated than you thought... welcome...

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Formal Assessments for Marzano Scales

Last post I discussed the Pros and Cons of Informal Assessments. This week I am switching to the idea of using formal assessments for Marzano Scales because I found that they were so much more effective! The benefits of formal assessments are that they give you and...

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Pros and Cons of Informal Assessments

In any classroom there are two basic ways you can pre-assess your students' level of comprehension: informal or formal assessments. The former approach can be easier, but there are pros and cons of informal assessments. In previous posts I discussed two approaches to...

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How to Use Marzano’s Taxonomy to Write Your Own Scales

With the explosion of Marzano framework for teacher evaluations, and Marzano Scales refocusing classroom instruction, I get a lot of questions from teachers trying to figure out how to write their own scales to meet district or state requirements. A few months ago I...

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Equivalence: a Big Idea in Mathematics

Throughout the various strands or domains of Mathematics there are common threads, similar to themes in Language Arts. Equivalence: a Big Idea in Mathematics is one of the biggest and most fundamental concepts in every subtopic. Whether you're dealing with operations,...

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Engage Students with Kid-Friendly Goals

Have you ever felt like as a teacher, you're doing most of the work to learn, organize, pace, and dispense the curriculum while your students sit back passively waiting for you to tell them what to do? What if your students understood that it was their job to learn...

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How Do Quizzes Fit Into Student Assessment?

Heather F. had a good question on TpT; How do Quizzes fit into student Assessment when using scales?  Assessment can seem overwhelming, especially if your school or district requires their own special brand of data tracking. In the classroom it's imperative that we...

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