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Mrs. L’s Guide to Marzano Scales gives a detailed step-by-step walk through of my own process for writing and implementing scales in my multi-age classroom. Whether you are being compelled to use Standards-Based Grading or Proficiency Scales by your district, or trying to work through the challenges of implementation, you will find a plethora of specific ideas and solutions. I have received similar questions from many teachers who have purchased my products. All of my best answers to the most common questions have been thoughtfully laid out for you. The “Table of Contents” shows the topics covered in the complete 32-page document.

The process of differentiating your own scales or lesson plans can be daunting. I give you my streamlined process of Vertical Differentiation that can be applied to any subject area. Stop trying to plan different activities to reach every student’s need, and learn how to simply modify the difficulty of every lesson. You will never TEACH the same again!
*This guide applies to any subject area, but contains examples from Math & ELA standards aligned to most states, Common Core, as well as the Australian Math (ACARA) standards.


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Do you feel like Proficiency Scales may be more work than they're worth?

New things can often feel harder because there is so much to think through. You may be asking yourself; Where do I find scales? What kind of scales do I need? Where will I store them? When will my students see them? How will they be included in my planning and assessment? How will I hsare them with parents?

This QUICK 3-page checklist will help you to organize yourself and your classroom to make sure that your scales work for YOU!

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