4th Grade ELA Assessment Bundle Reading Literature & Reading Information

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THIS document includes…
1. Fiction reading passages for every standard (RL 1-10) in Reading Literature; and Non-fiction reading passages for every standard (RI 1-10) in Reading Information. All reading levels appropriate for this grade level, as assessed by a Lexile Analyzer.
2. Four leveled assessment pages for each ELA COMMON CORE LEARNING STANDARDS RL.1-10  and RI.1-10. These are based on the specific reading passage given for each standard.
3. A second set of four leveled assessment pages for ELA COMMON CORE LEARNING STANDARDS RL.1-10  and RI.1-10, that align to the four levels of the learning scale (1-4). This second set can be used with “ANY TEXT” and includes general questions relating to each Learning Objective.
4. A detailed ANSWER KEY with sample answers for written explanations.

Visit my blog for examples of student work, explanations, and tips on grading the assessment using the 4-point scale. Mrs. L’s Leveled Learning website
Copyright 2019 by Melanie LiCausi; Mrs. L’s Leveled Learning LLC
Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her classroom. The content is under copyright and MAY NOT be used to create new resources for free, for sale, or for sharing on school databases without written permission from Melanie LiCausi at Mrs. L’s Leveled Learning LLC. Please contact me personally at
The terms “Learning Goal,” “Learning Objective,” and “Learning Standard” are used interchangeably. The terms “Learning Scales” and “Proficiency Scale” are also used interchangeably.

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If your school uses the Marzano Framework or iObservations for Teacher Evaluations, this product will save you weeks of work! These pages present Learning Goals and Scales, also called Proficiency Scales, with concrete exercises to prove mastery at every level. These Leveled Assessments create a clear goal for you and your students to identify areas of need, target instruction, and follow up with post-testing. Inspired by Marzano’s research in “The NEW Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction,” they perfectly align to a growth mindset, standards-based grading, and make differentiation planning easy! These assessments are fully aligned to Common Core and most states’ standards.

The Leveled Assessments for ELA are designed with the idea that students learn skills and understand concepts in a progressive way. Most assessments test students on multiple learning objectives before they’ve had much instruction. This can be overwhelming. These assessments are uniquely leveled to align with one learning standard broken down into a 4-level scale. Each level from 1 through 4 demands increased proficiency. Levels 1 and 2 are working towards grade level mastery; Level 3 aligns to grade level expectations; and level 4 is beyond the end of year grade-level expectation.
If you’re not familiar with Marzano’s Learning Goals and Scales, or proficiency scales, please visit this product link to download some examples of the scales. These Assessments were created to support the 4th Grade ELA Posters with Marzano Scales, and use the same kid-friendly language to express each learning objective. These pages offer a very clear model of how students can make progress towards mastery in each ELA standard. You can use these for pretests, posttests, homework, classroom practice, quizzes, conference pieces, and of course, grades!
Help your students, families, and administrators SEE student progress in a concrete multi-level assessment!

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