What can Mrs. L’s Leveled Learning Offer You and Your staff? 

Hi! My name is Melanie LiCausi, creator of Mrs. L’s Leveled Learning, a professional medium for sharing my work. with Marzano Framework, Learning Goals and Scales, and Leveled Assessments. I create professional development for Learning Goals and Scales, Leveled Assessments for Marzano Framework and a growth mindset. These presentations come from the perspective of an experienced teacher who’s been in the classroom! My 13 years of classroom experience includes teaching 1st through 6th grade in all subject areas, 6th through 8th grade Math, 1st through 5th grade Reading Intervention, and 1st through 5th grade Gifted Resource. See my resume. I have spent hundreds of hours creating, revising, organizing, implementing and assessing leveled learning (differentiation) strategies. I personally know the struggle, pitfalls, and successes that classroom teachers experience when trying to implement new teaching models. My goal is to make that transition easier by sharing my own experience and resources. Read more to find examples of topics that I can customize to meet your goals.

  1. Writing Performance Scales for Learning Goals – Standards-based goals and strategies for leveling content. What are Scales?  Scales Posters
  2. Assessing Student Proficiency with Scales – Formal and Informal Assessments, adding examples to scales for students to demonstrate mastery, understanding how to interpret levels and grade scales. Student Work Samples with Scales  Grading Scales
  3. Differentiation with Scales – How to use scales as a guide for differentiating lessons and creating student subgroups for instruction.
  4. Organizational Strategies  – Present, assess, and document student growth with scales for grading and communication with students, parents, and administrators.

Contact me to ask questions, offer suggestions, or discuss the needs of your school.

Professional Development Experience:

These 1-2 hour presentations cover my own experience developing, implementing, assessing, planning differentiation and tracking student progress with Learning Goals and leveled Scales. They range from lecture to workshop style, depending on the venue and goals.

* Presentations can be modified to meet specific school, district, or conference priorities.

*Melanie LiCausi is currently only available for LIVE Professional Development sessions in the state of Arizona. Please contact me to discuss other options. *

Inform Your Instruction with Leveled Assessments”

September 2018   Tempe, AZ        Arizona State University

AATM Conference: Annual Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Plan Differentiation with Learning Goals and Scales”

January 2018   Tucson, AZ        University of Arizona

MEAD Conference: 14th Annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day

“How to Assess Student Mastery with Scales”

Nov. 2017     Madison School District   Phoenix, AZ

AATM (Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual Conference

How to Plan Differentiation with Learning Goals and Scales”

Sept 2017   Tempe, AZ

Mathematics in the Mountains: 4th Annual AATM North Regional Spring Conference

How to Plan Differentiation with Learning Goals and Scales”

May 2017     Flagstaff, AZ   (25+ teachers in attendance)

Mathematics in the Mountains: 3rd Annual AATM North Regional Spring Conference

“How to Increase Student Engagement with Learning Goals and Scales”

May 2016     Flagstaff, AZ   (25+ teachers in attendance)

AATM Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

“How to Increase Student Engagement with Learning Goals and Scales”

September 2015   Tempe, AZ     (35+ teachers in attendance)

MCTM Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

“How to Increase Student Engagement with Learning Goals and Scales”

July 2015   Traverse City, MI   (50+ teachers in attendance)



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