In the last school year I’ve received some really great comments from teachers. They tell me how useful the leveled Math Assessments with Scales and Posters have been for supporting a growth mindset and differentiation! If your school uses the Marzano Framework for evaluations, iObservations, or any kind of Learning Goals with a Scale, these resources could save you months of work! Up until now, only the Posters with Marzano Scales included editable pages. These pages allow you to revise the leveled assessments according to personal preference or district requirements. Now, the Assessments have been updated to include editable form fields for each Learning Goal statement!

Updated Assessment Features:

The original Learning Goals statements are still there. If you like what you see, then the work is done for you! If not, they are now rewritten into an editable form field so that you can modify the statements to your liking.

6th Editable Math Assess Example 1

Simply click on the statement you want to change, delete and retype the sentence your own way. The revised .pdf file is able to be saved and printed. The “SECURED” status means that the other features, such as the content cannot be changed. This is done to ensure an accurate progression of  skills from one level to the next. It also protects the weeks of research and copyrighted work it took to carefully align the content! 😉

Coming Fall 2017 – COMPLETELY EDITABLE Levels 3 & 4!

Click here to see the 3rd Grade sample.

If you already own the Math Assessment with Marzano Scales, then you’ll be able to download the updated version for free. Just visit your “My Purchases” page on TpT. If you haven’t purchased it yet, visit MY STORE at Teachers Pay, and click on your grade level. Look for the FREE PREVIEW of the Assessment and download a copy. The preview includes assessments for three standards so you can try it in your classroom before you buy it.

Mrs L Signature Thank you to Cara B. for her recent comment regarding:


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Instant Differentiation

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Do you ever feel like differentiation is IMPOSSIBLE to accompish?

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These suggestions are perfectly aligned to Proficiency Scales and Standards Based Grading because every suggestion is correlated to a level of Marzano's Taxonomy.
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