Motivate Students with Everyday Heroes

Everyday heroes are the people who do amazing things, generous things, inspiring things, in everyday situations that aren’t usually mentioned in the newspapers or history books. To motivate students with everyday heroes means to expose them to examples of people in their own communities, or abroad who are setting good examples of how to contribute to society in a productive way. I found this amazing video example and am eager to share – Check it out!

Homes for Homeless – Nationswell website

I doubt very much that these are licensed or inspected homes. Some people may not agree with his particular solution or find fault with it, but it’s the thought, effort and LOVE that he’s modeling that I find inspiring! We live in a society where there are so many rules and expectations for conformity. I think it’s great for students to see that yes, you can do something or seek solutions as an individual, without the consent or approval of your mom, teacher, school district, or local authorities.

Recently I’ve been talking about using Marzano Scales to help your students set goals for themselves. Sometimes students hit a wall when the goals are forced on them instead of self-chosen. How many 5th graders really care about learning long-division? SO, how do you motivate them through the small stuff they aren’t authentically excited about? Focus on a bigger goal. Last week I presented some Hero Project Ideas for introducing your students to the idea of finding a hero – having a long-term dream like what they want to be someday is a very natural way to tap into even the youngest students’ motivation to learn. Make it about them and they are more likely to trust your guidance. Make it about the test, the standards, your job security, and they may resent being cajoled.

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