Organic Play AreasDoes this look like a developmentally appropriate play area? It’s what I like to call an “organic” play area; it happens when kids are allowed to play freely without adult intervention (a.k.a. they have been inside for days and mom’s busy). Yes, I have a degree in Child Development, a Teacher Certificate, and twelve plus years of experience teaching but my kids don’t know that; and they don’t seem to be impressed with my credentials.  In theory, I know how to deal with kids and things should go pretty smoothly most of the time, right? This idea gave me a lot of anxiety my first years teaching and even at home, but I have since learned that life doesn’t care about your credentials either.

We are in the process of moving out of our townhouse right now (4 people in a 1080 sq. ft. 2-bed townhouse). Usually we have really good habits of cleaning up every room before we move into the next one, but the only way I can get things done around the house is to let them keep themselves busy. I have learned to say, “That’s okay,” because even though they need structure and routines to develop habits of responsibility, I can let it go sometimes – it’s not the end of the world. While the kids were busy playing “organically” I was working on lunch in our 10″x 12″ kitchen area. An amazing recipe for Greek Lemon Chicken Soup – it turned out delicious! Since it calls for 8 egg yolks, and I couldn’t just fry them up like a normal person, I decided to use the whites to make merengue cookies. My trusty old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook had a simple recipe and it looked pretty easy. I had to substitute baking soda for cream of tartar and possibly overheat the egg whites. I’m usually okay winging a recipe but baking is entirely different and not following the directions usually does not bring the desired result. Needless to say, we ended up with a tasty soft Pavlova. The first batch of attempted merengues were spooned into a tub to enjoy with a spoon. 😀

2015-11-18 13.20.53mushy merengues








Lesson for the day – When Your Plans Don’t Work Out, Work Out a New Plan!

Don’t feel bad, don’t get frustrated… Life is just like that sometimes. I have said this every day and will keep saying it until January when the chaos of moving will hopefully subside. May your holidays be filled with peace and happiness!

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