I hope the new school year has begun smoothly for all of you! Summer always seems to go by so quickly and then you hit the ground running into a new school year. The plus side is that you’ve just begun and there’s plenty of time to make sure your students will have a great year! The downside is that the first few weeks are so busy you hardly have time to think about what you’re doing tomorrow let alone which lessons, routines or procedures need tweaking.

To help you get off to a good start with your students, I am offering free Common Core Math Quizzes for every standard. (Grades 3-8). The quiz links will be included in my email newsletter so you can download them for free. Not just one grade level, but any of them! The links will expire at the end of the month.  Sign up for the newsletter to get the Quiz links! “Follow by Email” Please allow a day or two after you sign up.

Each Quiz is one page with several quiz questions that align to the standard at grade level.  The learning goal is stated in kid-friendly terms to help students make the connection between the quiz and their work in the standards. The answer keys give sample verbal answers as well as numerical solutions. If you don’t use Common Core standards verbatim, they are still useful to assess the grade level skills. Here’s a few examples…

6th Grade CC Math Quiz_Page_05 6th Grade CC Math Quiz_Page_35

 If you find that your students struggle with content from earlier grade levels, consider introducing The Posters with Learning Goals and Scales, or the Assessments to help you quickly determine what level of instruction they need to advance. Click on the FREEBIES tab to try out samples in your classroom. See a quick VIDEO TUTORIAL to use these products more effectively.

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Do you ever feel like differentiation is IMPOSSIBLE to accompish?

What if it could be just a few simple tweaks to your learning objective or class assignment?

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This QUICK 3-page Cheat Sheet will put a list of ideas that you can use NOW!

These suggestions are perfectly aligned to Proficiency Scales and Standards Based Grading because every suggestion is correlated to a level of Marzano's Taxonomy.
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