AATM 2015 Conference

If you’re with me this morning at the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, come and say hello! If you have tried to use Marzano Scales in your classroom as part of your teacher evaluation (observations) or district requirements, you may be interested in attending my session: “Increasing Student Engagement with Learning Goals and Scales.”

Watch the video for a brief intro to the session. Attendees will walk away with one complete grade level set of Marzano Scales for Common Core Math!

Sign up for the grade-level RAFFLE you’d like to enter!  

Just to make the Conference a little more fun, I will also be holding online Raffles for each grade level. Each Raffle Bundle will include a complete set of Posters, Assessments,  and Portfolio pages with all of the Common Core standards. See the RESOURCES tab or FREEBIES tab above to view sample pages of the Marzano Scales materials.

Yes! You can sign up for more than one grade level.

Winners of each grade level raffle must be present to take their winnings home!

If you would also like links to the 3rd-8th grade Common Core Math Quizzes with all standards, please sign up on the right menu bar under “Follow by Email.”

3rd Grade Marzano Math Bundle

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  4th Grade Marzano Math Bundle a Rafflecopter giveaway  

5th Grade Marzano Math Bundle

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  6th Grade Marzano Math Bundle a Rafflecopter giveaway  

7th Grade Marzano Math Bundle

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  8th Grade Marzano Math Bundle  a Rafflecopter giveaway


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