Today I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop! Lots of exciting things coming up to prepare you for the New Year, and making sure that your students finish the school year like Math Masters!

The Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented Conference will be held Phoenix Feb. 5-6th, 2015. I am especially excited to be an exhibitor for the first time this year, after teaching Gifted Resource for 5 1/2 years in an Arizona district. Learning Goals with Scales are a great way to document student progress, so you can be comfortable that your gifted and advanced students are really benefiting by  doing those personal enrichment projects.

The 3rd-8th Grade Quick-Checks will consist of a one-page quiz for each Common Core Math cluster that you can give your students in January and February. These quizzes can work as a review or help you to revise your planning so you make the most of your class time before spring testing rolls around. Check back each week for a different cluster! These will be available for FREE through my blog or newsletter only during the week it's published.

Along with the Quick-Checks, I will have a WEEKLY RAFFLE for FREE Math Assessment Sets.

I created these Assessments with Learning Goals and Scales after my district started implementing a Marzano teacher evaluation system. I was asked to create Learning Goals and Scales for Common Core math and decided to simplify the process by basing them on our standards.

Each Math Assessment set raffled off will include the Student Portfolio coloring and reflection pages, the complete set of Common Core Math Assessments with Learning Goals and Scales, and the Posters for presenting the scales to your class. Follow my FREEBIES tab for a preview of these files.

Winners will be able to choose which grade level they want! 
(Grades 3-8 Available).
If you're wondering how to create, present, differentiate, or track progress with Learning Goals and Scales in your classroom, you can follow the links below to view my video tutorial via YouTube. This is my first attempt to create a video presentation, and plan to revise it based on feedback, so please leave some comments. I hope you find it helpful!


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Instant Differentiation

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Do you ever feel like differentiation is IMPOSSIBLE to accompish?

What if it could be just a few simple tweaks to your learning objective or class assignment?

What no one tells you is, there's more than one way to Differentiate!

You might modify how you plan lessons, introduce topics, give directions, ask questions, modify practice activities, homework or pre-made assessments.


This QUICK 3-page Cheat Sheet will put a list of ideas that you can use NOW!

These suggestions are perfectly aligned to Proficiency Scales and Standards Based Grading because every suggestion is correlated to a level of Marzano's Taxonomy.
You will have INSTANT ideas for making things easier or harder for your students. This is the fastest way to get started with Differentiation!


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