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Is it just me, or is it a little bit time-consuming to create unique scales? The following article gives a 5-step process to create your own scales for any learning goal you choose.  This might be helpful if you’re just starting out and trying to understand what each scale means.

5 Steps to Creating Successful Common Core Scales for Student Learning – 
                                         Learning Sciences Marzano Center

What I find much most difficult is deciding what content or sub-goal should be at each scale under the primary goal. When I am developing assessments, I usually define each sub-goal as a sub-skill or previous grade level skill that they would’ve needed to master first.

I have completed Grades 4-8, 
including the FREE Standards sets, Posters, and Portfolio pages! Yeah!

I am still working on third grade. Here’s some examples of 3.OA.6 and 3.OA.7.

3.OA.6 CC Scale & Assessment

I liked the ease of using a general scale, but felt like it wasn’t enough for my students to be clear about how much they knew. I wanted to create specific scales as suggested in the article above. The Assessment helps to define each level with examples for the students. The posters give students a visual reminder of the scale for each standard.  By the end of this month I will be done with the Assessment, the Posters, and the FREE Portfolio Pages for tracking student progress. If you click the “Follow Me” star you will receive notices when products are published or revised.
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Thank you to the teacher who left this comment on TpT regarding the 3rd Grade Math Bundle with Marzano Scales:
“Will be using this in the fall! This helps students self-reflect which is something missing in all “canned curriculums.”
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